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Help identify handwritten text (possibly Bulgarian cyrilic)
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Czech Republic, Czech
Hi there,

can someone help me decipher the written text on the back of a photograph please? I think it's written Bulgarian cyrilic perhaps combined with the latin script. Not neccessarily the Bulgarian language though.


The picture depicts a soldier in a uniform from around the 1900s. He should be my ancestor Michal Petro. Most probably born in Slovakia before 1880 when it was the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Via the A-H army he went on to Bulgaria around the turn of the century where he probably made a career close to the court of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria (my conjecture based on known facts).
The handwritten text on the back may shed more light on the scarce info I have about him. Also the signature below on the frontside looks wierd, perhaps Petrov rather than Petro, which is the form used by his descendants in Slovakia & Czechia.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you and stay safe!
  • konb

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    russian - russia
    Hi, the inscription says:

    мартратъ отъ
    войната 1912.н.13 за
    споменъ отъ твойъ

    This probably means "The martyr of war. 1912/11/13. remembrance from your brother", but we better wait for someone who actually knows Bulgarian.

    The name on the front side is indeed М. Петров, which is a traditional Bulgarian family name (but could also be a patronymic).


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    The first word is "портрет".
    So, a portrait from the war, 1912 year, 13. A souvenir from you brother.
    Thank you very much, indeed it was a silly mistake of mine, to confuse an elementary 'portrait' with something that is barely even a word .

    Could you explain the way the date is written? What is the character after 1912? I thought it could be an 'н' for November, is that possible?
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