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      At 12:14 on April 19, 2016, Guangzhou taxi Hunan male bully vulnerable groups, women, infants, the elderly! Universal micro-channel circle, no longer silent, unable to work because when men take care of the family, the
      You can live with his wife and children to the elderly people bully you? What's happening all around us, please do not cold, a Muslim mother with a baby a few months old and the elderly went to Guangzhou Modern Hospital to help the baby dressing,
      12:00 at the hospital gate imports hit a Dah Sing taxi, the taxi and asked to go, because of the rejection experience, was not answered, the car after the district name, said the cell is inside, how to go also told the driver
      , Fear pocket road, to the cell door of the bus stop, the driver can only be sent to this, saying that deep inside the cell, but also fell back, my mother said you can not pour out straight out, and the destination near the outlet, the elderly and children,
      I just replaced drugs, but for convenient and will not play, will be able to until the bus, but the driver still refused to be noted that the driver of the car stopped, the machine hit the table and did not play, the price is 12 yuan, then the treasure mom to complain,
      Start playing 969oo, qualification certificate number found there are several numbers in the white paper deliberately blocked, not a complaint, see the invoice on the playing table (which is not a passenger on a tear) Baoma smoothly'll get to see the numbers,
      The driver began to move, Baoma both hands, grasp the hand, not to see, and you say can complain Baoma said, why not give to see, he said, can get off to see the license plate number, the driver is his small ticket back to him Baoma said my little ticket for it!
      Why not break out, the driver said that you did not give money, can not play, you do not buy a ticket Baoma say I know how much Qian? (At this time table has to jump to 13 yuan) Baoma Right cattle smoothly from the table, playing out votes and the driver began a frenzied,
      Pinch, Ju left Baoma, reluctantly Baoma shout of residential security, pedestrians, passers-by called the police, many onlookers, no one alarm, cries in Baoma, the police said one woman, the driver heard the alarm ,
      Stop their violence, tear away the playing out of 13 yuan small ticket pocket, the police came back to the police station, do not want to go Division, and police ground for half an hour, said Baoma robbery, do King car ,
      The police should help him recover fare in the police car to the police Baoma the little ticket, and paid 13 yuan fare, but the driver did not get a small ticket, the driver or let the police see any documents, and other support the police came,
      The driver was brought back to the police station, police equipment ? Baoma return, explain the situation, go to the nearest community hospital, Baoma hands have stretched straight, fingers trembling, a medical examination bones all right, see recommended film a little better,
      Diagnosis of muscle tissue strain, numb fingers to dressing a week left not recent events, medical expenses $ 280 Baoma return to the police station only requires compensation for medical expenses, was rejected, the police also help the driver to speak,
      Baoma angry ask the police, you have a wife and children at home for the elderly do? How can they come across this thing, how would you do! We have lost income, looking for a man useless, Baoma said to go to the Women's Federation to seek a fair,
      The police asked the taxi company to complaints Baoma Baoma did, I do not know what will happen, my friends, really can not be indifferent! Extending friendly hand is just a phone, can reduce the number of pain!
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      License plate number: Guangdong AK3T10; qualification certificate number: 206729; Company: Dah Sing Company Name: Liao Qinghua at 12:00 on April 19 2016 drivers steer children the elderly, wounded women, 110 for the record, there has been no medical expenses back
      Reported receipt number: 4401002016041911056040941
      Alarm police ID: 96900 021814,021157 have been reported, and 110 for the record, there has been no back medical expenses. Dah Sing call to them, they say whatever, hit 96900 to ask follow-up case,
      He did not even record, and 96900 direct answer, even if there is a record, is sent back to the company process. They hope that the Ministry of importance here: the license plate number: Guangdong AK3T10; qualification certificate number: 206729; Company: Dah Sing Company Name: Liao Qinghua
      Reported receipt number: 4401002016041911056040941
      Police Alarm Number: 021814,021157







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