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Sexy Camisole Tank Bra Coral Cables


Many times, fusing together two separate elements of fashion can yield stunning results. It is a standard practice in progressing fashion further and further over the years.

Thus is the case with the tank camisole, which combines elements of a tank top and camisole. This provides a small fashion wrinkle to both the camisole, a timeless loose undergarment with straps, with a traditional tank top.

With a variety of cuts and designs, the tank camisole has grown to be incredibly versatile and can be sported in a wide variety of settings. While older camisole designs were extended down to a woman's waist, that is not necessary the case anymore. Many tank camisoles stop at the midriff. These garments can also be utilized as elegant and sexy lingerie or serve a more functional purpose for physical activity. Some tank camisoles even provide an inner lining that helps shape the body to take on a more lean, or curvy, look.

Another play on the camisole that has evolved over the years is the camisole bra. This is a traditional camisole that has underwire support built in, like a bra and camisole in one. This eliminates the need for a bra, making it an element of lingerie in itself.

Brazilian lingerie designer Mariana London incorporates the camisole in much of her work. She produces tank camisoles in elegant fashions that make for incredibly sexy sleepwear. For the added comfort, London adds in underwire support so that women can wear these sexy fashions with full comfort.

Some of these pieces can also be cohesively blended under a blouse or other ensemble.

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